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THAT STILL SMALL VOICE - ELIJAH AT HOREB                                         FBC-PC 11-9-14 AM

I Kings 19

Background: From Chapter 18 the victory on Mount Carmel. The destruction of the worship of Baal by God and the killing of 850 prophets and priests of Jezebel.

Now: The next day;

Elijah receives the letter of death from Jezebel and Elijah runs south for his life. I Kings 19:1-3

Elijah prays to die because of fear and depression 19:4

Elijah fed by an Angel of God 19:5-8

He went in the strength of it” – a ten day trip that lasted 40 days. God wanted to make him hungry for the real purpose had for him.v.8

Elijah in a cave 19:9

Was it Moses’ Cave?

Why at Mount Horeb (Sinai)?

Did he go there looking for God? Exodus 3,4 and 33:18-23

Elijah Argues with God 19:10

God’s silence seems approval of his actions, But…

It really God’s patience on display.

It must have hurt when he realized he really was the failure.


1. The wind that broke rocks v.11

2. The earthquake v.11

3. The fire v.12a

THE STILL SMALL VOICE v.12b Lessons to learn…. Vs.13-18

1. God’s Power Displayed - would have been seen in His taking care of Ahab and Jezebel Cf. Ex.19:16-19 Israel sees God’s power displayed on that very Mount.

Elijah had forgotten: it was God’s Power not his; it was God’s Protection not his; It was God’s Provision, not his.

2. God’s power is present and available – Elijah could feel, hear and smell God near

Elijah had forgotten: God is ever present with His own; for His own; by His know.

3. God’s High Evaluation of One Man’s Service – He expended enormous effort to refit for service, one man, only.

Elijah had spoiled 42 months of training by God.

But, He had not forfeited all right to further help and usefulness

4. God usually works in Small ways not Big

Elijah must have forget the sensational and realize God was going to accomplish His plan not matter what in still small unobtrusive ways. vs.13-14 God always has His people vs. 18. Elijah would go on to serve God faithfully until taken Home in whirlwind 10-12 late II Kings 2:11

5.God is Longsuffering in Vindication vs. 15-17

God decided to be gentler in His treatment of Israel and Jezebel.

Perhaps during the 40 day hike Elijah had thought that God would eliminate Jezebel and thus get the revival moving forward.

Elijah’s attempts to vindicate himself might also be seen as an attempt to get God to destroy her. Which God will do it the future.


Elijah to be an anointing Prophet

1. Hazael to be King of Syria vs. 15

2. Jehu to be King of Israel vs. 16a

3. Elisha to be prophet replacement vs. 16b

Elijah carries out God’s command with confidence vs. 17-21

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