Sunday, February 2, 2014
Sermon Notes

LOOKING UNTO JESUS              FBC-PC  2-2-14AM

 Aspects of our Faith      Hebrews 12:1-15

Intro: Review the witnesses of Chap. 11 and relate them to the “wherefore” of 12:1

I.  Witnesses of our Faith v. 1 (past saints, Angels, World?)

Seeing we are surrounded”   “Witness” = one who bears   testimony to what he knows to be factual.      

A. Witnesses to our Race

Race begins at cross and ends at the Rapture

The Christian life is our race.  How we run it matters.

 B.  Witnesses to sin - Sin hinders our run

C.  Witnesses to our Patience (endurance)

II. Author of our Faith v. 2

Look of Faith - gr. “away from; unto”

A.  Joy of our Author    Rev. 1:8 - “Alpha — Omega”

1.  Bring Salvation    Rev. 22:12-14

2.  Victory over sin & Satan

3.  Reunion with Father

B.  Endurance of our Author  -  “the cross”

C.  Shame of our Author - “was slandered, stripped, spit upon, scourged”

 D.  Position of the Author   cf. Heb. 1:3

 III. The Consideration of our Faith   vs.3,4

Consider” - to compute by comparing things together in their due proportions thus reaching a just and accurate estimate.- gr.

A.  Object of our Consideration “Him” v. 3a

Christ Jesus is the object

1. Consider His endurance

2. Consider His Contradiction

B.  Comparison of our Consideration v. 3b,4

1. Compare your endurance “lest ye be weary”

2. Compare your “contradictions” v. 4


IV. The Chastisement of our Faith vs. 5-11

A. Meaning of Chastisement - discipline, correct, instruction by some appropriate means of punishment or act of judgment

B.  Goal of Chastisement - to make clean, to purify, to restore to an upright position through corrective action

    Note: Suffering may or may not be a means of chastening

God is the Judge to the sinner and He punishes in Righteous wrath.

 C.  Enduring of chastisement v. 5   “faint not”

 D.  Loving in chastisement v. 5    “Lord loveth”

 E.   Sign of chastisement v.7  “ye are sons”

 F.   Lack of chastisement v. 8 “not sons”

 G.  Purpose of chastisement v. 9   “Subjection”

 H.  Profit of chastisement v. 10 “for our profit”

 I.   Result of chastisement v. 10,11 “Holiness, yield fruit”

                        14; I Peter 1:15,16

 V.   Continuance of our Faith   vs. 12-14

A. Manner of continuance v. 12  determination, effort, prayer, I Tim. 2:8; I Cor. 15:58

B.  Direction of continuance v. 13,14  Straight toward Heaven

Cf. Matt. 7:13,14

God is the Father to the saved and He chastens in Love according to His omniscience as to our need of correction to humble us, subdue us, rebuke or correct us.



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