Sunday, April 20, 2014
Sermon Notes

           PRESENTATION OF THE RISEN KING                                                                                       FBC-PC 4-20-14 AM

Matt.28; Mark16; Luke 24; John 20

The Road to Redemption leads from the Garden of Eden to the Garden Tomb, through 4000 years of human history. It really stretches back into Eternity past and forward into Eternity future.       Heb. 9:12

Preparation of Christ the King – first week
Presentation of Christ the King – last week
Preservation of Christ the King – Today

What was the only sign that Jesus Christ said would prove that He was the Messiah/Christ?      Matthew 12:38-40
Death and then Resurrection!

Where would Christ’s Suffering and Resurrection Be?              Outside Jerusalem Heb. 13:12

1. It is proximate to Golgotha (John 19:41). Gordon's Calvary
2. It was a new tomb hewn in the rock (Mt 27:60; Luke 23:53; John 19:41).
3. It was a garden area (John 20:41, 42).  The enclosed cistern of 250,000 gallons implying a single, very wealthy, owner.
4. It was adjacent to a wine press.
5. It had a rolling stone door (Mt 27:60; 28:2; Mk 16:3; Lu.24:2)
6. The tomb itself was just to right of a wailing chamber (Mk 16:5).
7. And, it is empty! (Luke 24:6,12; John 20).

His Resurrection Body

A Flesh and Bones body Luke 24:39
A Glorious body Phil 3:21
An Immortal Body Rom. 6:9
A Spiritual Body I Cor. 15:44; John 20:19

How did He rise from the Dead?

By the Power of the Father Acts 2:23,24
By the Power of Himself John 2:19; 10:18
By the Power of the Holy Spirit I Peter 3:18

Results of the Resurrection of Christ the King

It proves the existence of God – He could rise only by the power of God.
It proves the deity of Christ Rom. 1:4
It means that Salvation is an accomplished fact.
It guarantees that we too will have a resurrection
It prepares Him to fulfill His promise of return John 14:2,3
It proves His power to work in us Eph. 1:17-23

For you - I Cor. 15:50-58

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