Sunday, May 18, 2014
Sermon Notes

TITHING – ITS PLACE IN CHRISTIANITY                                           FBC-PC 5-18-14 AM

Psalm 116:12 What shall I give to Jehovah for all His benefits toward me?
:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call on the name of Jehovah.
:14 I will pay my vows to Jehovah now in the presence of all His people.

 “Tithing” H 4643- mah-as-ayr', mah-as-ar', mah-as-raw'
From H6240; a tenth; especially a tithe: - tenth (part), tithe (-ing).

I. Tithing before the Mosaic Law – volunteered to Melchizedek
 A. The Amount Gen.14:18-20; Heb. 7:1-3
     B. The Attitude Gen. 28:20-28

 II. Tithing under the Mosaic Law – “commanded”
A. The amount Commanded – “tenth”, “tithe”
          Lev. 27:30-32; Num. 18:21-26; Deut. 12:5-9; Rejoicing tithe
          14:22-26; Notice the contents listed of Matt. 23:23
B. The Attitude commanded “obedience” Matt. 3:8,10 
          Blessings come from obedience.

     C. The Administration Commanded Deut. 26:12,13
            1. God’s Servants
            2. The Needy

Now The Question for us today.

Under the “Age of Grace” since the Resurrection and Christ’s ascension
back to heaven has tithing like Sabbath observance been replaced by a new Principle?

A. Lord’s Day assembly rather than Saturday Sabbath
B. Willing giving rather than obedient sacrifice

III. New Testament Giving II Corinthians 8:1-9:15
     A. The Example of giving
            1.  The example of Christ 8:9; Luke 6:38 cf. Gal. 6:78
            2.  The example of early Christians 8:2, 5

             B. The Exhortation for giving
                    1.  The exhortation to abound in the Giving Grace 8:7
                    2.  The exhortation to willingness in the Giving Grace 8:10, 12
                    3.  The exhortation to performance in the Giving Grace 8:11
                    4.  The exhortation to equality in the Giving Grace 8:13-15

            C. The Exercise of Giving
                    1.  Exercise liberality in giving 8:9; Luke 6:38;  Mark 12:41-44
                    2.  Exercise regularity in giving I Cor. 16:1,2
                    3.  Exercise hilarity in giving 9:7


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