Colossians 4:7-18

Historical Background

Written from first imprisonment of Paul in Rome 60 A.D. from whence he sent the letters to Colosse, Ephesians, Philippians and Philemon by the hands of Tychicus and Onesimus the runaway then converted slave of Philemon. Colosse is about 100 miles east of Ephesus and near Laodicea in the Lycus Valley in modern western Turkey. The Letter was to be read in both churches though addressed to Colosse.

General instructions for daily Christian living. 4:1-6

Let’s see a cross section of our church in Port Crane as we meet Ten people who ministered to and with Paul who is the eleventh mentioned this fourth chapter.

  1. Tychicus 4:7-8 – pastor of Ephesus – Acts 20:4; Eph.6:21; II Tim 4:12; Titus 3:12

  2. Onesimus 4:9 - Slave, runway from Philemon, thief, but saved under Paul, now being sent back to Philemon his born again master. Philemon 10-13

  3. Aristarchus 4:10 – prisoner with Paul and active companion Acts 19:29; 20:4

  4. Marcus 4:10 – John Mark, Barnabas’s nephew and author of Gospel. Acts 12:25; 13:13 (John Mark); 15:36-41; II Tim 4:10-11

  5. Justus (Jesus-gr.) (Joshua-heb.) one of two Jews working with Paul

  6. Epaphras 4:12,13 – Pastor of Colosse; now in prison – “ministry of Prayer”; churches - Colosse, Hierapolis, Laodicea - 6-10 miles apart 1:7,8

  7. Luke 4:14 – Beloved Physician and companion of Paul II Tim. 4:11

  8. Demas 4:14 – Fellow worker, then back slider I Tim. 4:10; Philemon 24

IX. Nymphas 4:15-16 – Hosted the Church in his home

  1. Archippis 4:17 – gifted, but holding back Philemon 2

XI. Paul 4:18 – Faithful, servant, soul winner, disciple Named 163 times in NT